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About St Aidan’s NS

St. Aidan’s N.S. is a Catholic primary school catering for children from Kiltimagh and surrounding areas.

At present it is a 14 teacher school comprising of 9 mainstream classes, 4 full time Special Education Teachers,6 Special Needs assistants, a secretary and a part time caretakers.
The school has an attractive, well maintained school building. Because of the large school site the school has spacious play areas, a very large football pitch (purchased shortly after the school opened through fundraising by parents), a basketball court, a one wall handball area, a designated staff car park and a school garden.

The staff of St. Aidan’s N.S. is committed to providing our pupils with a holistic education in order to meet the needs of each individual pupil and to facilitate them to reach their full potential. Learning takes place in a secure, stimulating, happy, encouraging and well structured environment. The curriculum is delivered by a teaching staff that is professional, committed, skilled and well motivated. Significant resources are in place to meet the pupils’ needs and to support teaching and learning. Because of the provision of relatively recent grants for ICT equipment St. Aidan’s is also very well resourced in ICT. St. Aidan’s N.S. is also an inclusive school where the specific needs of pupils with SEN are identified and catered for in a professional, competent and caring manner. This presents opportunities and challenges for staff.

The pupils are afforded opportunities to take part in a variety of sports including Gaelic football, one wall handball, soccer, basketball and athletics. Teams from the school participate in various sports quizzes and general knowledge quizzes. The pupils are encouraged to develop good habits in the area of savings through the local Credit Union savings scheme that has been established for almost 25 years in the school. Pupils are also made aware of the needs of the people in disadvantaged areas through school based and child centred support of the Trócaire Lenten campaign and the Shoe Box appeal.

Meeting all of the children’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs is the primary focus of the staff. This is our shared vision for the school. To achieve this vision we work in partnership with the parents, Board of Management, Parents Association and the wider Kiltimagh community.