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1st and 2nd Class go ‘Deep in Outer Space’

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1st and 2nd Class go ‘Deep in Outer Space’

By November 27, 2013July 19th, 2021No Comments

During the last few weeks we have been learning about Planet Earth in Space and our Solar System in Geography.

We drew our own Space Pictures using different instruments. Some children choose chalk to draw their pictures, others used crayons, twistables or oil pastels. We put them on the corridor for everyone to see. We think they look really cool!




We made up our own rhyme so that we could remember the names of the planets

Mum’s very easy making jam sandwiches under noodles.

We decided the sillier the easier it would be to remember it!

Can you still think of all the planets?

We learned a poem all about planets too –  ‘Planet Roll Call’. Our class can say it for someone at home!

We used paper mache and balloons to make our own planets and painted them. They are hanging in our classroom and getting lots of attention!


Click here to see more photos


The children also wrote some stories about aliens in space which we are still working on. As soon as they are finished we will add them to the site!