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Persuasive Writing in 5th Class

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Persuasive Writing in 5th Class

By November 4, 2019No Comments

We have been working on Persuasive Writing for the last few weeks in Mrs Mooney’s 5th Class. We have spent some time reading lots of examples and picking out the features of Persuasive Writing. Finally we have produced our own pieces of writing. Here are some examples. We hope you enjoy reading them!



I think when you read my reasons you will think homework should be banned.

We do a lot of work each day in school we don’t need more to do.

Homework takes too much time in the evenings .We have no time for family and friends or sports or other activates.

Evenings are very busy and homework takes a very long time to do.

If we had no homework we would have more time to ourselves and other people too.



5th Class


Homework should be banned

I think homework should be banned.

First of all homework takes up too much time, for example children have no time to go outside, play with their friends or even spend time with their family.

Secondly I think that children do enough work in school (6 hours) and don’t need to do more at school.

Lastly I think that children get too much homework for their age.

Finally I agree that homework should be banned.


5th Class


First of all I think homework is a waste of time. I think it should be banned because it takes up all your time and you do not get enough time with your family.

I think homework should be banned because children do enough work in school and when they come home is when they should get to play and relax.

In addition to that we have 6 hours of work every day in school, which is a lot if you ask me since we get homework 4 days a week, so as a result we not get as much exercise as we would have got if we had no homework!

So until we get rid of homework children will not be able to spend time with their family and relax.

I hope you will agree with me after all my reasons.


5th Class

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