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September Prayer Service

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September Prayer Service

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On Wednesday 28th September the whole assembled in the P.E. hall for a prayer service to ask God’s blessing on the year ahead.

The whole school sang the opening hymn “This Little Light” with actions.


The eldest and youngest pupils in the school then presented a candle to Fr. Kilcoyne to be blessed. This candle will be kept in our Sacred Space beside the front entrance.


Mrs King welcomed the new Junior Infants class to our school.

Mrs King welcomed the new Junior Infants class to our school.


One pupil from each class along with their teacher and SNA presented their class photo which were displayed on a notice board.



A sixth class pupil and some teachers read a reflection.
What will this year bring ? We do not know. It will brings its usual times of work and play. experiences of successes and failures, all the things that are part of school life. It is a new beginning, the planting of a seed that will grow for a year, the seed of fruit that will blossom in times to come. It is a new hope; hope for good work, for successful results, for friendship, for fun and for learning.
Miss Lee: In this coming year, may there be learning, prayer and fun.
Ms. McCallion: May there be hard work, faith and friendship.
Mr. Donnellan: May no one in this school be lonely.
Ms. Tierney: May no one be left out in class.
Mrs. Mooney: May no one suffer because of others here.
Ms. Sweeney: As we begin this year in hope and friendship, may God begin it with us.
Ms. Garvey: May He be with us throughout the year and successfully bring it to its


Here we see everybody performing actions and singing Our God is a Great Big God!